Medun is situated about 10 km northeast of Podgorica, in Kuci, near the road to Ubli. The medieval fortification lies on a hill that used to be an acropolis of a bigger Illyrian town. Its position is excellent because it controls the whole surroundings and offers the view of the field of Cemovsko, together with Podgorica.

Medun was mentioned by Tit Livy (Titus Livius) at the end of the old and beginning of the new era. The town is assumed to have been founded in the 3rd century BC, at the latest. It was referred to later, in the 7th century, by the Ravenna Geographer. The 1444 charter of King Alfonse V documents Medun as the property of Stjepan Vukcic–Kosaca. In 1445, Herceg Stjepan ceded the Upper Zeta and the Medun fortress to despot Ðuradj. A duke of despot Ðuradj defended Medun in 1452 from Stefan Crnojevic –who was a duke in the Venetian service. In 1455, despot Ðuradj had to give the fortress to the Turks in their victorious drive through Eastern Europe .

In all probability, the medieval fortification had been built well before its first mention in written sources.

Besides the stairways cut into the cliffs on all sides, dating from the Illyrian period, from this earlier period is also a portion of the west wall, subsequently built over by a medieval wall. Different parts of the medieval fortification date from different periods.

In front of the church, built on the foundations of an earlier one, there is a tombstone of Marko Miljanov, renowned Montenegrin warrior and writer. On the saddle-like ridge bellow the fortification, in a former suburb there is a birth house of Marko Miljanov, restored into a memorial museum.