Old Ulcinj  

It lies on an islet, by the coast, between Bar and Ulcinj.

These ruins were first mentioned as the Old Ulcinj in 1376. In the maps of the Venetian cartographer Coronelli from the 17th century, the settlement was referred to as Dolcigno Vecchio .

Today only scarce remains of walls can be found on the island. These remains are located on the western and partly northern side of the island. The eastern and southern sides are steep and rocky; therefore, there was no need to build defensive walls there. Besides these fragments of massive walls, there are also remains of inner buildings smaller houses and a single-nave church with underground tomb on the western side. All over the island, pieces of antique ceramic vessels have been found.

Judging by the portable finds, remains of the ceramic vessels, we can conclude that the island had been inhabited even before the Middle Ages. As a fortified settlement, it certainly existed in the Middle Ages although we cannot exclude a possibility that the remains of massive walls are even older.