Soko in Piva  
The town of Soko is situated between the Piva and Tara rivers, at an hour's walk distance from the site where the two rivers meet and form the Drina River .

The town (Šcepan town) below the Sokol fortress, at the confluence of the Tara and Piva rivers, is supposed, in fact, to be Medjurjecje mentioned by Porphyrogenitus and the priest of Doclea. Soko belonged to Sandalj Hranic. The 1419 charter, in which Sandalj and his brothers ceded their part of Konavale to Dubrovnik, stated that it was written in Sokol. Following Sandalj's death, Soko was held by Herceg Stjepan, until the conquest by the Turks. Undoubtedly, Soko used to be his capital because all known 15th-century charters mention at in first place. After the town of Sokol, Herceg Stjepan was named Stjepan «of Sokol» . The Turks took Soko in 1465.

The town did not have continuous defensive walls because the terrain configuration did not allow for them; they were replaced by almost vertical cliffs. The town is accessed from a tableland above which, on steep cliffs, the remains of an upper town are situated. In the upper town, at about 400 m above the Piva River, there are the remains of walls and towers, as well as two «benches» cut into the rock, overlooking the Piva. The position offers a magnificent view of the Piva and its surroundings, providing, at the same time, excellent control. The Herceg's court, referred to in the charter, could have been situated on a small plateau, beneath the highest part of the town. Below the town, to the north, there is a bigger church, probably built by Herceg Stjepan in the last decade of his life.

The town had a suburb, as well, situated immediately above the Piva and Tara rivers – named Šcepan Polje, where the remains of a bigger church building are found.