The Bihor fortification is situated about 10 km north of Berane. Remains of the town lie at an altitude of approximately 1050m, on partly rocky hill, in the river basin of the Lim and its tributary Lješnica. The town was built on a dominant position, and indeed, it «dominated» a great part of the Lim river valley and smaller valleys of its tributaries.

The name Bihor was mentioned in 1450 in a document of Dubrovnik archive as «In loco vocato Bichor». However, the town of Bihor can be assumed to have been built well before its first mention. The Turks took Bihor in 1455. According to the Turkish sources, in the mid 16th century, besides side arms, the fort was equipped with cannons, rifles and other necessary tools, while its crew numbered 26 men.

Today, the fortification is in a ruined state, while its walls are partly preserved, some portions up to the height of 3m.

On the terrain, remains of three towers and a water cistern can be identified. The exact location of the entrance cannot be ascertained. Based on the remains of an old graveyard, a church site and house foundations as well as a fresh water spring, we can conclude with great certainty that a lower suburb was situated on the access plateau. Even the present-day hamlet with houses scattered around the area bears the name Podgrade (below the town).