The town remains lie on a mountain Budoš near Nikšic, on an inaccessible rocky crest, overgrown with wood. This position provided excellent control of the territory towards the field of Nikšic. Budoš was protecting a passageway from Nikšic to the Ostrog district.

Budoš was mentioned in 1448 as «Castrum Budosch» in the charter of Frederic III addressed to Herceg Stjepan, as well as in 1454 charter of Aragon-Neapolitan king Alfons to Herceg Stjepan. It is possible that Budoš had belonged to Herceg Stjepan already in 1444, because, at that time, he was holding the territory where the fortification is situated. At the end of his rule, Herceg Stjepan ceded the town of Budoš to his son Vladislav.

It was a small fortification with one protruding tower towards southwest, of which only low walls have survived. Northwest of the tower, a bigger portion of the fortification wall has been preserved, up to the height of 2m. It was built of crushed stones in limestone mortar.

Southeast of the fortification is the valley of Budoš, which used to supply the fortification with water.