The monastery of Kom is situated on an island of Skadar Lake. It is a minor monastic complex with a picturesque single-nave church dedicated to the Virgin. Most likely, Ðuradj and Lješ Crnojevic built it in the early 15th century.

In the monastery, there is a tombstone of Lješ Crnojevic, who died in 1422. In 1485, Ivan Crnojevic bequeathed estates of the abandoned monasteries of Kom and Gorica to his new endowment in Cetinje.

The site of the monastery is protected from the northern winds and rises gradually above the lake water. The island is rocky and unsuitable for life. The monastery is laid on a small plateau and encircled by strong walls, so it can be said that it was fortified, although the wall does not seem to have been intended for defense because there are no remains of merlons, loopholes or towers in it. On the southeast, there are the remains of a solidly built residential building with a water cistern.

The monastery is relatively well preserved and its reconstruction is under way.