Moraca ~Monastery  

The monastery of Moraca is situated on the river Moraca's left bank, in the broadened section of its canyon.

The monastic complex consists of a cathedral church dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin, a small Church of St. Nicolas' in the churchyard, and residential buildings. According to the inscription in the pediment on the western portal, the cathedral church of the Mora ca monastery was built in 1252 by Stefan, the son of king Vukan and grandson of Stefan Nemanja. After the destruction by the Turks in the early 16th century, the monastery was reconstructed in 1574. The residential buildings were probably reconstructed for the greatest part in this period, as well. A massive wall with loopholes seems to have been even more recent. Of old monastic buildings dating from the period before the reconstruction, only a kitchen (mutvak) and a part of the refectory have been preserved. The position of the refectory within other walls built on earlier foundations indicates the existence of one closed courtyard in front of or around the church bating back to the time of its construction or reconstruction by king Milutin.

The monastery of Moraca represents one of the most monumental medieval objects in Montenegro . In the diaconicon of the cathedral church, the remains of fresco painting from the period of its construction in the 13th century have been preserved. The frescos depict the life of Prophet Elijah in eleven scenes. They are an invaluable work of art.