Moraca ~Town  

The Moraca fortification is situated near the Moraca monastery, by the Koštanica River . The position of the town on a hill was well chosen in order to control of the whole surroundings. At the same time, it must have represented an unassailable site, especially during the side arms use.

The known charters from 1448 and 1454 refer to the Moraca fortification as to the property of Herceg Stjepan. The district of Moraca had been mentioned even earlier, by the priest of Doclea, and it used to encompass the area around the upper flow of the river, where both the monastery and town Moraca are situated.

Today, appart from one massive wall whose direction can be seen and traces of a bigger one, only scarce remains of this fortification have survived. Although it is impossible to reconstruct its ground plan, it is obvious that it was maximally adjusted to the terrain features.

Today, the whole complex is overgrown with dense stunted wood. In the nearby valley, a fresh water spring is found. In the town itself, there are no remains of a water cistern.