The fortification remains are situated at the edge of Nikšic field, towards southeast. The nearest towns are Budoš, Onogošt and Susjed, and Ostrog must be nearby, as well. Judging by this position, Norin can be assumed to have been a border fortification of Herceg Stjepan, like many other neighbouring towns. The known charters from 1444, 1448 and 1454 addressed to Herceg Stjepan mention several towns, but they do not give their exact names and locations. Norin must have been one of these towns.

The fortification is situated on a rocky hill overgrown with stunted wood. The remains are scarce, but they undoubtedly refer to a medieval edifice. Like in many other fortifications, the ground plan was adjusted to the shape of the hilltop. It was built in relatively regular manner of rough-hewn stone in mortar.