The remains of the town of Pirlitor are situated at the edge of Jezera tableland, on a high rise above the Tara River .

In historical sources there are not data concerning Pirlitor. It used to lie by the medieval road Nikšic – Pljevlja, leading over the spacious and high tableland of Jezera, at an altitude of 1450m. From Pirlitor, where a small fortification was situated, most likely intended to protect the road, it descended steeply into the deep canyon of the Tara River , bellow the village of Lever . In 1399, Sandalj Hranic held his court in Jezera, and in 1453, Herceg Stjepan sojourned in Jezera, where he was leading peace negotiations with emissaries from Dubrovnik . Pirlitor could be a possible site of Sandalj's court and Herceg's sojourn because, according to known data, it was the only fortified site in Jezera.

Scarce remains of the town are found on a high rise, at the edge of Jezera tableland, above the Tara River . The only part of the wall that can be seen today, probably part of a tower, is located at the highest point of the rise bellow which a dry moat existed.

The tradition connects Pirlitor with Duke Momcilo, who is mentioned in the epic poem «The wedding of king Vukašin».