The Stabna Fortification is situated in the district of Piva, about 7 km west of Plužine.

As it seems, there is no reference of it in written sources, unless it can be identified with the town of Novi in the Piva district, mentioned in the known charter of 1444. Anyway, we can conclude that it belonged to Herceg Stjepan because it was situated nearby Herceg's capital Sokol, in the centre of his lands. Tradition also connects the town, together with other neighbouring sites (vineyards, a church-site), with Herceg.

The town remains lie at the top of a steep hill, above the small river Vrbnica. For the most part, they are overgrown with wood. The walls are considerably ruined or at some places, they completely disappeared. It seems that in the south part of the town, whose sides are rather steep, almost vertical, walls did not exist because they were not needed. Due to its shape, made partly by nature and partly by human force, the rock itself served as a shelter, i.e. a fence towards the abyss, and made attacks from that side quite impossible. The terrain features conditioned, to a great extent, the shape of the fortification. Most of the inner town is rocky and inconvenient for building.

Owing to its exceptional position, providing control of two valleys, and inaccessibility of the rocky massif, the town was an excellent, almost unassailable stronghold, during the time of both side arms and firearms use.