Starceva Gorica  

The monastery of Starcevo is situated on Starceva Gorica, an island by the western coast of Skadar Lake .

According to written sources, Starcevo is the earliest monastic complex on the islands of Skadar Lake . The church, i.e. monastery, was mentioned before 1378. The foundation of the monastery is associated with Elder Makarije, who was living there as a hermit and after whom the island was named Starceva gorica (the Elder's Island ). The monastery belonged to the Balšics family. Probably, Starcevo was still inhabited by monks in 1540 because in that year a renowned printer Božidar Vukovic was buried there. During the Middle Ages, the monastery was one of the greatest transcribing centres. Later, the island fell to the Turks.

The monastic complex consists of a church dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin, a residential building, subsidiary facilities and the surrounding wall with a monumental gate leading to a small cove on the southeastern side of the island and the original wharf. The walls encircling the monastery are less preserved here than in the monastery of Kom, but unlike the ones in Beška, they represented a kind of fortification.