Susjed, also known as «the town of Jerina», is situated in the district of Onogošt, near Morakovo, about 17 km east of Nikšic.

Susjed was mentioned in 1444 in the first charter of king Alfonse addressed to Herceg Stjepan. For a brief period, Susjed was held by Herceg's son Vladislav. The medieval Susjed was guarding the eastern boarders of Herceg's lands as well as trade caravans leading from Dubrovnik and Kotor to Brskovo and the inland of Serbia, via Onogošt and Moraca.

The town lies on a hill. The side facing the district – i.e. river valley –is inaccessible, due to almost vertical rocks there. Therefore, on that side, the walls were not particularly high and strong and only traces of them have survived. On the opposite side, where the stream Susjed flows southwards, the hill is partly overgrown with higher trees, and the walls are thicker, better preserved, and have towers.

All the walls were built in a quite regular manner from crushed and rough-hewn stones, in mortar. At the hill foot, fresh water springs are found.