Žanjica-Our Little Lady  

A fortified monastic complex of Our Little Lady is situated on a rocky islet in the Mirište cove, near the cape of Arza of Luštica peninsula.

In the archival sources, it was first mentioned in 1508 as St. Mary «de Sagnic». The time of construction of the monastic edifice is not known, although, based on the church architecture and massive walls, we can date it into the 15th century.

The monastic complex is encircled by defensive walls with a round-shaped corner tower with loopholes. The complex consists of a small single-nave church dedicated to the Presentation of the Virgin, with the remains of frescos on the western facade and a gothic oculus, as well as residential facilities and a water cistern.

The monastery has a small wharf that has been reconstructed recently together with the whole complex.